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Owners – Gary & Gail Miller

Gary and Gail Miller

Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans Owners - Gail and Gary Miller

Gail and Gary Miller both had the “antique bug” for most of their adult lives – but not necessarily anyone with which to share their passion for fine, old things. To hear Gail tell it, that changed at a visit to a flea market during one of their first dates.

“We found we were often attracted to the same styles and we held the same respect for the history we were holding in our hands. I remember Gary telling me thank you and being thrilled that we were both having some much fun at a flea market,” Gail said.

Gary adds, “I never really had anyone who would go to these things with me or understood the whole ‘antiquing thing.’ Gail did and pretty soon we were frequenting auctions and antique stores across the Midwest together.”

The passion for antiques and history helped build their relationship and it has now led to their new business, Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans.

Both are natives of East Central Illinois. Gary is a lifelong resident of Danville and Gail grew up in Fisher and moved to Danville in 2002. Growing up, Gail said her mother instilled in her a love of old things by telling her the stories behind the antiques in their old farm house, many of them family heirlooms. As a construction contractor, Gary became involved from time to time in restoring some of Danville’s beautiful older homes. Today, Gary is a member of the board of the Vermilion Heritage Foundation which continues to work to restore and maintain the Fischer Theater.

Gail and Gary really got to know one another while they both worked at Crosspoint Human Services. What really brought them together was working on the agency’s historic renovation of the Holland Apartments, now called the New Holland Apartments. Gail’s work at Crosspoint involved her in the agency’s affordable housing work and Gary managed the renovations at the New Holland.

It’s really no surprise that after they were married in 2009, they began to discuss pursuing a business revolving around antiques and local artisans. The idea occurred to them to build on the past efforts people have put forth to re-energize and re-build some of Danville’s old historic neighborhoods. The building that has become “Rabbittown” caught their eye and the rest has been a lot of sweat equity.

Gail, a licensed clinical social worker, is now taking a break from that career and will be operating Rabbittown full-time. Gary continues to work at Crosspoint and Marlee, one of his three children – her brothers are James and Josh – has been a big help in the remodel of Rabbitown’s showroom. From time to time, shoppers may also encounter the four-legged family member, Harley, whose box on the organization chart reads “shop dog.”

Gail and Gary hope you will stop by and visit Rabbittown. Over time they hope to build a business that showcases really neat stuff from yesterday and the best things being made by Danville’s artisans of today. At the same time, they hope their business – and maybe yours someday – will help revitalize one of Danville’s oldest districts.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, circa 1909. Rabbittown neighborhood of Danville, Illinois.

About the Rabbittown Neighborhood of Danville

In 1832 a settler from Fort Dearborn – present day Chicago – bought land from the federal government and settled on it near the Vermilion River in the 14 year-old state of Illinois. Pearson is reported to have found one thing in particular abundance on his land – rabbits – and called his new home ‘Rabbittown.’

The Harmon Mansion today. Danville's Rabbittown neighborhood.

Over the course of the next several decades, Rabittown would become an important neighborhood in Danville which was founded in 1827. Danville’s fortunes were perhaps at its heights in the 19th and early 20th centuries when the the city was a midwestern coal mining and railroad center. Some of Danville’s most stately homes were built in Rabbittown and the area was also a commercial center of the city in the 20th century.

Today, there are several individuals and some community groups striving to preserve Rabbittown as a viable residential and commercial neighborhood adjacent to Danville’s city center. The neighborhood may also benefit from a proposed casino which could be built in Danville.

If you’re interested in more detail about the historic character of the neighborhood, check out the The Rabbitown Enhancement Association’s Rabbittown Timeline.

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