Spring Shop Hop!

Alright girls, gather up all your favorite chicks and come shop hop with us! We have teamed up with 5 other shops to offer you a fun filled day!

In Covington, visit Jake’s Farm and Hue Specialty Foods. In Danville, visit BOTH Rabbittown stores, North Street Sweet Repeats, and Simply Serendipity. Stop at each shop and get a stamp on your card in order to be entered into the grand prize drawing. Special prizes will be offered by individual shops as well.

You will also find sales and some goodies to keep your strength up while you hunt down the best “junk” in the area. Please remember that shop hours vary and that Covington Shops open and close one hour ahead.

Please visit our Facebook Event Page and let us know you’re participating!

Featured Vendor: Vintage and More

Sweet table and chairs at Vintage and More located in Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans.

Sweet table and chairs at Vintage and More located in Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans.

Julie Balgeman is proprietor of Vintage and More, Rabbittown’s latest featured vendor. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix of vintage items, antiques and handmade treasures, check out Vintage and More’s two booths at Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans.

Julie has been collecting for years and decided about two years ago to test the selling waters to decide whether she would enjoy a side business buying and selling cool things. For much of the year she works in a local high school library. After shipping her two sons off to college, her business grew as she had more time. Originally, she sold on Etsy and at North Street Sweet Repeats, but is now solely managing her business through Rabbittown.

Julie Balgeman curates a great collection of useful antique and retro items.

Julie Balgeman curates a great collection of useful antique and retro items.

Julie said the best things about being in this business is interacting with customers and working with so many talented vendors.

“I enjoy listening and learning from customers or hunting for an item that they are searching for to add to their home or collection,” said Balgeman.

Julie is also thankful for the great group of vendors and very knowledgeable staff at Rabbittown.

“If I need help in my booth, an opinion or history on items, there is a great team to lend a hand. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this Rabbittown team,” she said.

Along with her great collection of vintage and retro items, Julie curates a great boutique area in one of her booths with handmade scarves, purses, jewelry and the like.

Julie is also great at helping spread the word about Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans on Facebook. She regularly strolls the store and takes photos of her shop, but others’ as well. You can follow her at Vintage and More on Facebook.

Salt Kettle Christmas Market

saltkettle_POSTNovember 21 and 22 Rabbittown Trade Center is hosting a Salt Kettle Christmas Market. Join local vendors of crafts, antiques and uniques and get your Christmas list whittled down. And, don’t forget to either start or end your day in downtown Danville at Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans. While the Salt Kettle boils, there’ll be an anniversary sales event going on at the store on Main Street.

Rabbittown Trade Center Consignment Shoppe – OPEN

We’re proud to announce that since October 1 the consignment shop at Rabbittown Trade Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We’re always looking for dealers – call 217.260.1185 for information or visit our Trade Center website and leave us a note.


4th Anniversary Event


Last Chance Event – December 20-24

merry250Our last store-wide event of 2014 and just in time for Christmas!

Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans will hold its Last Chance Event December 20-24. Please see below for store hours on each of those days.

Our vendors will be here to personally assist you as well a few elves to help you find exactly what you’re looking for throughout the store. There will be refreshments served and our extended hours will satisfy even the most hectic schedule.

Did we mention the sales? Vendors throughout the store will be offering some of their pricing of 2014!

Last Chance Event Hours

  • Saturday, December 20, 2014 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 21, 2014 – Noon to 5 p.m.
  • Monday, December 22, 2014 – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday December 23, 2014 – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday December 24, 2014 – 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Third Anniversary Celebration – November 15, 16

Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans will celebrate our third anniversary on the weekend of November 15 and 16.  Customers will enjoy refreshments, sales, opportunities to meet our vendors, drawings for gift certificates and a visit with Santa.  Hours on Saturday are 10am to 5pm and on Sunday Noon to 5pm.

The Rabbittown Collection

The Rabbittown Collection is composed of the best, personally selected pieces from the collection of Gail and Gary Miller, owners of Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans. Both Gail and Gary have been collecting for years and they are offering some of their finest pieces for sale at Rabbittown. Take a look at some of the most recent items that were made part of the Rabbittown Collection. All of these pieces are currently on display and for sale at Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans. If you see something that really strikes your fancy, you may want to call ahead – it may already be gone.


Coming Soon: Rabbittown Trade Center

tradecenterpostIf you collect, antique or restore, some day in the coming few weeks, you may be walking through these doors.

Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans owners Gail and Gary Miller are breathing life into the old ‘Great Scott’ building located at 36 College Street, Danville, just a block or so from their Rabbittown business.

The new business will be called Rabbittown Trade Center and will begin its life as an auction house.

“Gail and I have been involved in the area antiques and collectibles scene for many years. We’ve been to hundreds of auctions all over Central Illinois and the midwest. We want to build what we believe is the best auction experience for both sellers and buyers,” said Gary Miller.

The Millers are planning to execute well organized and presented auctions, but they are also intrigued by the sense of community at many auctions.

“If you look at this space and how we’re adapting it to auctions, you see that the length of the room allows for a large area to the rear of the action for people to gather and just socialize,” Miller said while giving a tour of the building.

The main auction room will also have a licensed concession stand and kitchen with a window for taking orders and serving. All of the furnishings will be moveable so that the room may also be used for events like receptions, dinners and dances.

The Miller’s rehab of the building doesn’t end with the huge auction room, however. Planned to open later this year or in early 2015 are two additional spaces. The first will be a furniture consignment shop.

“Through the Rabbittown store and our own network, we have access to many great furniture pieces that will benefit from a spacious, attractive showroom dedicated to just furniture,” said Gail Miller.

“We’ll start with many of the items that Gary and I have collected over the years that we haven’t had the room to show at Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans,” she added.

Soon after opening the furniture consignment, the Millers plan to open up the space to other vendors on the consignment model with a twist.

“We want folks to have a reason to stop in occaisionally, so pieces taken under consignment at the Trade Center will drop in price the longer they remain on the floor,” Gail said. “After a set time, the piece will be removed if it hasn’t sold to make room for another.”

The Millers said this arrangement will give buyers the added incentive to come back and check on a potential purchase that they didn’t previously buy to see if the price has come down. By removing items that don’t move, the consignment shop’s inventory will stay fresh.

Finally, the Miller’s love for quality, classic architecture will be realized in phase three of the Trade Center which will be an architectural salvage store. The Millers are preservationists and Gary Miller has had a career in building and construction. He helped manage the historic renovation of the New Holland Apartments as part of the team at Crosspoint Human Services and has done much of the work in restoring the building which currently houses Rabbittown Antiques and Artisans.

“We’re losing classic American craftsmanship every day in places like Danville where there is a lot of old housing stock and early 20th century manufacturing and business properties,” Gary Miller said. “We need a local place to take in the the parts of buildings and houses that can be preserved because there are many people who will reuse things like woodwork, windows and old hardware to either restore their own properties or add a classic touch to new construction.”

The Millers have received the appropriate licenses and permits to operate the auction house. Their hope is to have the final construction done and hold the first auction sometime in October or early November. Stay tuned!

Featured Vendor: Yellow Cottage Antiques

tuckerpostFor three years, Bob Tucker and his wife have been collecting an assortment of collectibles, primitives and decorative items with an eye to providing something to capture the interest of everyone who views their Rabbittown shop, Yellow Cottage Antiques.

tuckerpost2“I try to include items in my booths that will interest everyone,” Tucker said.

“The first time I stepped into Rabbittown, I knew that it was the place I wanted to set up shop,” Tucker added.

Bob has in fact been a vendor at Rabbittown for more than three years. He was one of the first, and Gail Miller, Rabbittown’s owner-manager said that the Yellow Cottage booths help generate repeat customers into the larger store.

tuckerpost3“Bob’s booths are so well maintained and continuously updated – his success as a vendor here has a lot to do with the time he puts in and his eye for curating an experience that contains a mix of items that allow Yellow Cottage Antiques to appeal to a wide audience,” Miller said.

Bob lives and works in the Danville area. When he’s not antiquing or working on the online or Rabbittown-based Yellow Cottage business, he stays busy with his self-storage facility and enjoying time with his family.