Featured Vendor: Steve’s Junque

junque-pageSteve Packard of Danville has been with Rabbittown for two years curating his space with items that will take shoppers on a trip to the past where the drive-in restaurant was popular.

“I am always searching for antiques and collectibles,” Packard said.

“I like to look for old fast food curb hop trays and related items. My booth will bring back many old memories for shoppers.”

Steve’s love of vintage fast-food, drive-in and diner memorabilia ephemera sprung from his first automobile-related hobby – although they were tiny autos.

“I started collecting and selling Hot Wheels. I would get off work at 11 p.m. and I would be in the stores as they were stocking the shelves,” Packard said.

Car culture soon lead to Packard’s collecting and selling items that would’ve been seen decades ago at drive-in restaurants and even drive-in movie theaters. Like many collectors he stops any time he sees a garage sale or flea market. Aside from Rabbittown, Packard also sells on eBay and can be found at local car shows.

Some of his favorite finds are Pyrex dinnerware and drive-in restaurant curb service items.